Asa MacWilliams


As an engineer at Siemens Corporate Technology, I work on software architectures for distributed interactive systems. One project with a public web site is SmartSenior, featuring an Intelligent Watch for Comfort and Safety, and a Smartphone Supporting Safe Dialysis at Home.

From 2001 to 2004, I was a research assistant and Ph.D. student at the Chair for Applied Software Engineering of the Technische Universität München. My research interests included distributed service software architectures, adaptive middleware, context-aware computing and augmented reality. My Ph.D. advisor was Prof. Bernd Brügge, Ph.D. My thesis was on A Decentralized Adaptive Architecture for Ubiquitous Augmented Reality Systems, and involved in the augmented reality project DWARF.

Here is my publication list (last updated 2005).

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Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany